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Take Root
Take Root is a monthly curated, series that supports dance makers
by providing an opportunity to present a paired evening of work.
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Sep 23 & 24 : Regina Nejman & Company

Take Root
Photo: Julie Lemberger

"...from exquisite to athletic, from quiet to raucous, from meditative to absurd." -Eva Yaa Asantewaa

Beautiful Figure is a new multi-media dance choreographed by Regina Nejman where two dancers explore various ideas of "beauty" raging from the late Renaissance period until contemporary times when beauty is merely defined by our culture as "hot" and often distorted, exploiting and objectifying women.



Sep 23 & 24 : Chris Ferris & Dancers

Take Root
Photo: Andrew Ribner


Rampaging Light by Chris Ferris & Dancers, is dance existing in parallel worlds; framed time shattered between reality and dreams; and the magical mishaps that you thought didn't happen but did. You are held and released by the silent step, soundless wind, screaming train, and buzzing wall of voices. This is a performance that will alter your perception of a single room and the flipping numbers on your clock. Sometimes everything does not have to make sense.


Oct 20 & 21: Treehouse Shakers

Take Root
Photo: Christopher Duggan

Written & directed by Mara McEwin & choreographed by Emily Bunning, Olive & Pearl is specifically created for children ages 2-5. Centered on thematic elements of home, it is the story of a young girl, Olive, who is lovingly being raised by her Granny, Pearl. Through their day Granny builds fires, warms tea, makes meals & has a comforting lap with safe arms to rock Olive to sleep. The characters play fairy house, go on an imaginary journey to the moon & learn the Jig. Metaphors of home are woven throughout the set & story with both puppets & movement. Home is not only the structure of one's house, but the place one longs for. Magical, visual, stimulating, & oftentimes funny, Olive & Pearl is a supportive performance first for the very young.


Nov 11 & 12 : Aimee Plauche & Performers

Take Root
Photo: Kiya Schnorr / Kiya Marie Photography


The Octopus: fascinating, poorly understood, and often grouped under the misnomer "octopi." In this absurdist and darkly comic dance theater work, the doomed cephalopod faces the miracles and pitfalls of its isolated existence. Among larger philosophical crises (Existentialism! Dehumanization! Individualism!), the octopus will tackle the day to day challenges of octopus dating, octopus wrestling, octopus anxiety, and more. Via these unexpected protagonists, About an Octopus looks at the "other" as simply another dimension of us.


Nov 11 & 12 : Rastro / Julieta Valero

Take Root
Photo: Matt Browick


Cancionero is a nostalgic piece that explores the dichotomy of being alone while within a sea of people. Very much like being in NYC, for many, that sense of being connected while at the same time feeling very isolated. The movement, combining simple gestures and elaborate choreography, exploits the humanness of the body and its beauty, through a diverse musical backdrop.



Dec 9 & 10 : Borne Dance Company

Take Root
Photo: Gina Policastro


In collaboration with the entire company, Borne Dance Company artistic directors' Katie Kilbourn and Kianna Moye have created a dance experience exploring human nature and human interaction. Drawing inspiration from our culture and daily lives, Borne explores the differences and similarities between humans and why specific groups of people are targeted for their differences. The lack of knowledge of one another affects our very existence on this planet in which all humans inhibit together. Borne Dance Company's work explores how this lack of knowledge affects our daily lives.


Dec 9 &10 : Dana Florin-Weiss & Hannah Verrill

Take Root
Photo: Gabe Zimmer


We explore the condition of being before others, of being watched and watching back. We treat our bodies as precarious and complicated objects, never allowing for an experience of stasis. We cast ourselves as images, and then we erode that image over and over in order to reveal ourselves as agents.



danaflorinweiss.com | hannahverrill.us

Jan 20 & 21 : Kaley Pruitt Dance

Take Root
Photo: Sam Polcer


Super is for the kid inside your heart. The piece takes a journey from reality, into a fantasized comic book adventure and back. It looks at the icons of "super hero and sidekick" and the impressions we carry of those roles from childhood to adulthood. The imaginary exploit reminds the characters to confront reality with the optimism of youth and to cherish a true friend. Super depicts how bravery may really be nothing more than having a powerful and convincing imagination.



Jan 20 & 21 : U R B A N / T R I B E

Take Root
Photo: Koon


HARD SWALLOW is inspired by the Clarissa Pinkola Estes, Ph.D.'s book Women Who Run WIth the Wolves: Myths and Stories of the Wild Woman Archetype. The work explores notions of embracing the WIld Woman Archetype, while rebelling against oppressive perspectives, that are commonly seen in society (particularly the male perspective). The work questions what it means to embrace the untamed woman? Through myth, movement, and narrative U R B A N / T R I B E presents questions about the dominance within our social structure and the oppressed female persona.



Feb 10 & 11 : Proteo Media + Performance

Take Root
Photo: Corey Melton

Orbicular investigates how Breeanah Breeden & Kathleen Kelley's differences in generations (early 20s & mid 30s), race (black & white), economic power (freelance dancer & choreographer/professor), & dance training (hip-hop/ballet & release technique) work together to produce visual & creative tension. These differences are evoked, navigated, & subverted to challenge conventional hierarchical patterns. Orbicular develops multilayered relationships between the performers & the audience's expectations of identity & power. Aggressively physical dancing & emotional gestural exchange is supported by an original music score & film projections designed by the performers.



Feb 10 & 11 : Meghan Frederick/Practice Project

Take Root
Photo: Meghan Frederick


SOFT BLUE conjures a space where the fragile lines between truth and fantasy are blurred and broken. With each moment counted and accounted for, three women practice performances of togetherness, misremember choreographies, and re/present images of femininity. Dance through SOFT BLUE reveals the construction and collapse of physical and psychological realities, illuminating cracks through which possibilities for magic emerge. SOFT BLUE is performed by Meghan Frederick, Carlye Ecker, and Elisa Davis and features an original score by Trevor Wilson.




Mar 17 & 18 : mishiDance

Take Root
Photo: Sharon Harsa


Presents a new work alongside existing works Standing Still | Still Standing and H(a)unted. Inspired by the heavily structured poetry form of villanelles, Standing Still | Still Standing follows one woman's journey to create new identity after coping with loss. H(a)unted, described as "a raw and emotional journey" by Dance Examiner, explores how the different types of ghosts we encounter throughout our lives, literal and figurative, manifest themselves to haunt us.



Mar 17 & 18 : Sans Limites Dance

Take Root
Photo: Susanne McHugh

in my end is my beginning, choreographed by Diana Pettersen of Sans Limites Dance, continuously grapples with gravity: fighting against it, giving into it, becoming over-powered by it, and, almost inconceivably, re-emerging from it. Resulting explorations of balance and unbalance conjure the physical, mental, and emotional challenges of contending with life's highs and lows. The piece concludes with a harrowing, yet precious solo by a figure that seems to have successfully emerged, for at least a short moment, from the grip of gravity. Shakily, but surely achieving self-possession, this figure embodies ungainliness with an unearthly grace.


April 21 & 22 : MoveWorks

Take Root
Photo: Eric Bandiero


Wild, Wacky and Zany - MoveWorks return to the stage with an exciting array of new duets. MoveWorks, co-directed by Sarah Foster and Christian Serrano, is a NYC-based dance theater company that combines contemporary dance, ballet, theater, and partnering with WILD imagination to create joyful experiences. Simply put, their goal is to create beautiful things and to make people happy through their work.



April 21 & 22 : Ballaro Dance

Take Root
Photo: Ashley Garrett


Ballaro Dance presents the work of choreographer Marisa F. Ballaro. Inspired by both sound and space, she investigates her deep relationship to music while her dancers explore pathway and motion to tell stories. With a wide array of quality in her body of repertory, the dances can be both rhythmic and percussive, as well as heartfelt and human. Audience members are taken on a journey to a specific time and place as each dance is performed.



May 12 & 13 : KaNu Dance Theater

Take Root
Photo: Rudy Pierre - Instylevision


The mission of KaNu dance is to promote change and peace by sharing Haitian Heritage, history, culture and educating our spectators through both contemporary modern and Afro-Caribbean dance. KaNu is an abbreviation for "Ka pa Nou" in Haitian - Kreyol which means "Our Situation". KaNu Dance Theater hopes to be able to share "Our situation" or better yet KaNu through dance, theater, and song.



May 12 & 13 : Johnnie Cruise Mercer/TheREDProjectNYC

Take Root
Photo: Scott Shaw


Bombarding the audience unforgivably with quick emotional shifts, and illogical patterns, "[red]patient" dives head first into the uncomfortable moment of facing the inevitable. Examining the tear between sanity and irrationality, the work follows four entities as they wait patiently for the expected.




Jun 9 & 10 : Undertow Dance

Take Root
Photo: Grace Courvoisier


Excerpt from Pitch Dark no. 1 (a breakdown) assembles a world of simmering frustration and chance encounters that seem destined to occur. Collaborative and investigative, this ensemble work examines the impossibility of ever fully breaking emotional patterns, as the past reasserts itself.




Jun 9 & 10 : Undertow Dance

Take Root
Photo: Grace Courvoisier


Excerpt from Pitch Dark no. 1 (a breakdown) assembles a world of simmering frustration and chance encounters that seem destined to occur. Collaborative and investigative, this ensemble work examines the impossibility of ever fully breaking emotional patterns, as the past reasserts itself.




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