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Take Root is a monthly curated, series that supports dance makers
by providing an opportunity to present a paired evening of work.

Sep 18 & 19 : Laboration Art Company

"Do you know you have been recorded?" is a multidisciplinary constant work-in-process.  Thinking how do our bodies and minds react knowing that someone is watching them?
Without personal approval, someone somewhere is observing the way we are breathing, talking and getting inspired. Without any political engagement but more as anthropologist, the three performers are exploring, reacting and digging into our natural reaction towards an invisible camera constantly turning on oneself. laborationartcompany.com

Photo: Christina DeRoos

Sep 18 & 19 : Caterina Rago Dance Company

The labyrinth is a disorienting journey that leads within, hiding the most mysterious self. An inner maze that is projected outwardly. A complex path that never seems to end. The maze is a figurative representation of abstract and intriguing reality. A journey over the limits into a dimension yet to be explored. An adventure that will transport you from the darkness to the light. The maze is in man! He is forced to explore it to find himself, the center, the core of his being. caterinaragodancecompany.com

Photo: Federica Dall’Orso

Oct 16 & 17 : Cat Wagner / Collaborations

Will the real Rosie Riveter please stand up?  Set within an old-time radio hour, “Rosie, Really.” explores the distortion of Rosie the Riveter as a cultural feminist icon.  Two women, both dressed as Rosie Riveter characters, weave their way through a full-blown identity crisis.  Hilarity ultimately ensues as the Rosies compete via "riff-off."

Photo: JS Photograpy

Oct 16 & 17 : DanceAction

Game Night is a dance work that explores the behavior of human beings in relationship with chance and choice; how these elements determine human relationships creating somehow the perfect configuration for a specific form of interaction between two people. Following this idea, this work is based on Board Games; the performers play and the outcome will determine their relationships throughout the piece: “The key, as with other aspects of games, is in understanding how probability relates to player decisions and outcomes.” (Rules of Play) www.carmencaceres.com

Photo: Harsha DeSilva

Nov 13 & 14 : Erica Lessner

Lessner's choreography is an athletic juxtaposition of fluidity and high impact movements. Her newest work asks the enduring questions: How do we perceive ourselves? How we believe others perceive us? How much does those questions affect the way we project ourselves to the world? How many "selves" do we create and how do we choose when to "be" each? Do they interact with each other? Do they influence each other? Are you confused yet? This work may not provide any answers, but will take you on a quirky and dark exploration of each question.

Photo: Erica Lessner

Nov 13 & 14 : Gwen Rakotovao Company

In L’Amour, La liberté, French-born choreographer and Artistic Director, Gwen Rakotovao, explores the connection between cultures and human beings with a message of hope that one day this connection will allow the gaps between generations, genders, judgments and individuals to heal. Rakotovao’s energetic, yet soothing and calming unique movement utilizes different movement from various styles and culture, mixed with music in collaboration with the Leeds College of Music. L’Amour, La liberté, Gwen Rakotovao’s first full evening length work, expresses a fresh insight in what is happening now in our society. gwenrakotovaocompany.org

Photo: Benjamin Petitit

Dec 4 & 5 : Aaron McGloin Dance

THE HARD WAY is an autobiography told through solo dances created over the past 10 years. Utilizing solos (made in response to pivotal moments in life) as the raw materials for a collage, this piece is a highly-physical recounting of a personal history.  From life as an ugly duckling, to finding and defining new homes, failed attempts at love, and building a strong sense of self, the realization emerges that the only way to truly learn the lessons that life has to teach is the hard way. facebook.com/aaronmcgloindance

Photo: Ben Mobley

Dec 4 & 5 : Katy Orthwein Dance Projects

Katy Orthwein Dance Projects creates art that engages and enfolds the audience in a distinct world through the cumulative efforts of artistic collaborations. This premiere is the first phase of an ongoing project. From gestural specificity, nuance and delicacy to full, dynamic movement, a unique vocabulary reflects form that crystallizes and dissolves, as individuals are drawn together or repelled apart within their shared world. Exploring how time can seemingly suspend then cascade, the dancers vacillate between steadiness and abandon, seeking and assessing, as they test the waters, each other and themselves. katyorthweindanceprojects.com

Photo: Ian Shand

Jan 22 & 23 : Mersiha Mesihovic / CircuitDebris

Presents VOID, from a three part Suite entitled The Trilogy (of Survival).  The Trilogy examines the struggle against social conformity and the individual struggle for self-determination in our vastly standardized society that makes a constant effort in shutting down what is different or uncommon. circuitdebris.org

Photo: Victoria Sendra

Jan 22 & 23 : Underground DanceWorks

In a collection of diverse pieces, Artistic Director Charles Tyson Jr, seeks to embark on a journey through the soul and society - continuously searching, exploring forgiveness, regret, escape, acceptance, truth and answers - all things we as a society struggle with on a daily basis. Through his signature movement style known as EclectiFunk, Underground DanceWorks (UDW) shows that "in order to truly move forward, we must learn to acknowledge respect and embrace the differences that make our society such a unique one - make intelligent commentary without claiming to know the answer.  Being Quiet doesn't get the point home.  Just because the truth isn't pretty, doesn't make it any less the truth." udwdance.org

Photo: Bill Hebert, BHPhotos

Feb 19 & 20 : LatticeWorks Dance Collective

Artistic Director Becky Allen creates a single dance experience blending mythology into the contemporary.  Through this work, LWDC explores themes of antiquity, jealously, and the intricacy and trust of female relationships. By unveiling familiar mythos, the five dancer cast weaves a semi-narrative that seeks to alter assumptions and reveal the duality of feminine alliances. LWDC aims to shift perspective for their audiences, their peers, and each other, so that the product will forever be new. latticeworksdance.com

Photo: Tom Haynes

Feb 19 & 20 : Katharine Pettit

Conceived and choreographed by Katharine Pettit, I COULD NEVER LOVE ANYONE... tells the story of three sisters and their struggle with addiction. Turmoil and heartbreak ensue, affecting the trio and creating a resounding impact that reverberates through the years. Take a journey, moment to moment, of what it means to love someone afflicted with this disease. Share in the conversation of what we can do to change the stigma attached to addiction and how dance can move us to action! katharinepettit.com

Photo: Michael Bonasio

Mar 4 & 5 : Smashworks Dance Collective

Smashworks Dance Collective presents an athletic, prop-oriented work exploring societal pressure to find wholeness within a relationship. As three performers are exposed to the possibility of a new fulfillment, they abandon their independence in a powerful presentation of obsession and vulnerability. smashworksdance.wix.com

Photo: Optik House

Mar 4 & 5 : Roots in Revolution

Led by Darnetha Lincoln M'Baye, the work of this all-female company celebrates diversity in dance, pulling from the mixed experiences and dance influences of its members.  Ms. M’Baye seamlessly swirls together movement from traditional dances – sabar, djembe, samba – and more contemporary technique, with each dancer adding her own small nuances. The resulting blend is rich in texture, high in musicality, and deeply rooted in spirit. rootsinrevolution.com

Photo: Eric Bandiero

Apr 15 & 16: Janet Aisawa

“Them” is based on interviews from Japanese Americans who were interned in camps in the western United States during World War II and who were affected by racism, group thinking, murder, and hysteria.  It tells the story of these American citizens becoming “The Other” when the Constitution is disregarded and “I” and ‘You” become “Them”.

Photo: Judy Wenning

Apr 15 & 16 : Kyle Marshall Choreography

Writer and New York City activist Jane Jacobs wrote that old cities are, "all composed of movement and change, and although it is life, not art, we may fancifully call it the art form of the city and liken it to the dance." Roam is a work for five dancers inspired by urban planning that highlights the ways people are physically organized, emotionally affected, and socially structured by the city environments we build.  New York based composer Tristan Perich’s architecturally dense music incorporates piano and electronic sounds, evoking images of smooth glass, tall structures, hard pavement and waves of people etching their ways through the space.

Photo: Kyle Marshall

May 20 & 21 : Renee Gerardo / Dances

Renee Gerardo’s work is a dance/multi-media project exploring themes regarding memory as practical/factual, emotional and sensory and how these elements create our personal stories, self-identity and relationship identities.  The piece is an investigation into how we learn, our conscious presence, and our relationship unconscious.  Ms. Gerardo is exploring the question "Who are we without our memories?" Are we still ourselves? Are we what others remember for or of us?  Ms Gerardo hopes to push boundaries of time, expectation of time, expectations of human action and reaction utilizing physical and visual constructs.

Photo: Benny Simon

May 20 & 21 : Inclined Dance Project

Inclined Dance Project presents "Heliocentris," an exploration derived from the mechanics and phenomenon of outer space. Drawing inspiration from the spectacles of the universe, the work abstractly explores celestial objects, the Big Bang, constellations, planetary orbits, dark matter, energy, gravity, and more. Athletic, dynamic, and technical movement creates an exciting visual landscape which invites the audience to extend their reaches to the unknown elements of our solar system. inclineddanceproject.com

Photo: Andrew J. Mauney

Jun 17 & 18 : Catey Ott Dance Collective

3rd eye (i) Conscious is a work in 3 parts: "WITHIN" is a quartet based on visual art works and guided meditations based on Jungian Psychology and Dream Interpretation.  "Life is (no) Daffodil" is a trio based on poems by William Wordsworth and Langston Hughes in which the contrasting themes fit as one when viewing life as a counterbalance of zen, contentment and bliss with hardship, struggle, and the relentless effort needed to succeed in an ever uphill journey.  "ReFRACTION" is a quartet inspired by the Buddhist concepts of Letting Go and Mindfulness with a hint of contrast due to the artistic need to Break Free.

Photo: Jennifer Mazza

Jun 17 & 18 : Glitter Kitty Productions

"The Gunfighter Meets His Match," is a contemporary western musical, conceived and written by Brooklyn based singer songwriter Abby Payne.  The universal story, inspired by comparing the New York City music scene to "The Wild West," and the short stories of Louis L'Amour, is one of love, loss, and hope as a rugged gunfighter faces his ultimate high stakes battle for his truest love.  Talented musicians, dancers, and actors under the creative direction and evoking choreography of Glitter Kitty Productions along with the emotionally wrought, and dynamic music of Abby Payne and Beth Callen, come together for a night of storytelling sure to transport you to another world.  But wait! That's not all.... A little twist ensues.... glitterkittyproductions.com

Photo: Kelly P. Williams

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