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Take Root is a monthly curated, series that supports dance makers by providing an opportunity to show a full evening or half evening work paired with another performer.


Stay Tuned for the 2015-2016 seasonlineup!

Image Photo by: Mark Liflander

Oct 17-18 : Shawn T Bible / stbdance | Bianca Johnson & Dancers

Image Photo by: Shawn T. Bible

"becquerel" is a physical response to the events surrounding the Chernobyl nuclear disaster in Ukraine, 1986. While not a literal translation of Chernobyl, "becquerel" embodies the unknowing of radiation poisoning and the Ukrainian government's delay in notifying people living in the surrounding areas of the nuclear reactor. After the disaster, relocated communities in Chernobyl and Pripyat dealt with the loss of thousands of family, friends, and entire communities of people. Abnormalities in the human body began to appear, birth defects became common, thyroid cancer rates increased dramatically, and fear was present in every breath, touch, and relationship to their environment. "becquerel" hopes to evoke some of the unknown physical consequences, loss of relationships, inability to disconnect from an environment, and trying to rid the body of radiation without scientific knowledge and understanding.
[ shawntbible.com ]

Image Photo by: Miroslav Celic

Drawing from a fusion of gospel, folk, jazz, blues and classical music, singer and songwriter Nina Simone wove together diverse musical styles to create her rebellious artistic voice. Her lyrical boldness and political bombast infused into her music highlighted the intersection of her personal and professional identities. Inspired by her creative legacy, "BLEUE" draws upon Simone's soulful musical stylings, transforming her world into movement and music. Through original arrangements by Gernot Bernroider and Chanda Rule, "BLEUE" celebrates the eclectic movers of Bianca Johnson & Dancers while paying homage to the 'High Priestess of Soul.'
[ biancajohnson.org ]

Nov 14-15 : Reject Dance Theatre | YUNG-LI DANCE

ImagePhoto by: Melissa Blackall Photography

"The Territory Suites" is a piece exploring 'territory' from three different perspectives. Embark with us on this journey into human relationships, gender identity, and animal interactions.
[ rejectdancetheatre.com ]

ImagePhoto by: Alexandra Vainshtein

Arena is a 30 minute female trio inspired by a soul-stirring speech that Theodore Roosevelt delivered in 1910, in which he said:
"...the credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena, whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood; who strives valiantly; who errs, who comes short again and again, because there is no effort without error and shortcoming; but who does actually strive to do the deeds; who knows great enthusiasms, the great devotions; who spends himself in a worthy cause..."
Arena is a conceptual creative leap of movement. It aspires to form dance from these empowering presidential words, forming a narrative choreography pinpointing our female vulnerability, determination, connection and courage.
[ yunglidance.org ]

Dec 12-13 : Drastic Action

Image Photo by: Steven Schreiber

Based on interviews with immigrants from all over the world, Drastic Action's new work will explore how we make a home in a new place. Four human-sized canvas sacks alternately transport, confine and protect the dancers. The piece explores our struggle for connection, the fragility we often feel and the heroism we are all capable of. The company will also perform "Attachment" (2014), a duet exploring the push and pull of our earliest relationships.
[ drasticaction.org ]

Jan 23-24 : JENNIFERCHINdance | Vanessa Van Wormer Dance

ImagePhoto by: Mark Trumbo

Jennifer Chin's newest work, a trio titled "we go up past things coming down," has the dancers interweaving with lush movement like three strands of a braid. They can get blown across the stage like tumbleweed or stopped in their tracks like a lightning strike, evoking moments one would experience in nature. She will also show her internationally presented solo, "Seduction of a Sparrow." In this languorous piece of sinuous movement, a woman journeys to break free of her entanglements. She pushes and pulls against a long rope made of found objects that encircles her, eventually freeing herself of constraints.
[ jenniferchindance.com ]

Image Photo by: Mel Duet Photography

Described as 'lush and balanced, creating wraithlike moments of stillness and action' (Rubén Graciani), and possessing 'quicksilver energy' (Robert Bingham), Van Wormer's choreography explores the juxtaposition between balletic lines, release, and athleticism. "In Order to Alert" is a journey following the elusive nature of light and fire and the potential of each to reveal, blind, devastate, or guide.
[ vanessavanwormer.com ]

Feb 20-21 : Marcos Duran Performance Group | Barbara Mahler's Dances

ImagePhoto by: Miguel Suero

"Around The Fortress" is about connection. Seven performers, including choreographer Marcos Duran, embark on a 40 minute journey through isolation, imagination and revelry. Inspired at the beginning of new love, this work confronts the difficulties of breaking down a lifetime of emotional and psychological walls that hinder our ability to experience the depths of vulnerability and intimacy. As Marcos' first full length work and first collaboration with composer Adam Lahm, it will serve as a landmark in his choreographic career, especially as it culminates his first decade as a choreographer and director.
[ marcosduranmoves.com ]

ImagePhoto by: Julie Lemberger

Barbara Mahler's choreography draws upon the intricate and infinite possibilities of the textures of time, space and the (her) body to create small and intimate dances. Her choreography - spare and articulate, compositional, evocative - explores the endless possibilities that the body can reveal.
[ barbaramahler.net ]

Mar 20-21 : Ella Rosewood Dance | EstadoFlotante

ImagePhoto by: Allison Stock

How does one distinguish oneself in a crowd of talented people? Billing (working title), an evening-length solo choreographed and performed by Ella Rosewood, questions the necessity to alter ones characteristics in order to be a working and self-sustaining dance performer. Rosewood's self-revelatory and surrealistic charades shed light on perceived uniqueness and skill. A conceptual counterpart to Yoko Ono ' s Cut Piece, Billing also pushes boundaries of performance and subject through direct interaction between audience and her physical looks.
[ ellarosewooddance.com ]

ImagePhoto by: Jesse Stein

Energy has a transformative quality, traveling through and between the body, objects, and space. "Line 0" is a choreographic experience based on the concept of energy transformation translated in different storylines. The piece is a trip where a storyline can be set, broken apart, or rebuilt into something different. It becomes a labyrinth, a mystery to be discovered from the dancer's decisions and reactions, as well as the audience's perception of what they are watching.
[ estadoflotante.com ]

April 24-25 : The Resonance Collective | Kristin Hatleberg



"A Man and a Woman and a Blackbird" was initially created as a remote work between Prague, Czech Republic and New York City. Rehearsals were led through Skype, along with 'meetings' to discuss the pieces for this work and how they could be arranged and shaped to provide a narrative arc. Fahad wanted to see his Living Meditations, generally used as an étude for musical improvisation, realized as a canvas for dance, and André felt a connection between them and his collection of duets. The solo, by contrast, was built with music and dance together, one informing the other. The glue was choosing "13 Ways of Looking at a Blackbird" as a guiding text to the narrative. The potent and stark images in the poems lend an emotional through line to the story, acting as both character and commentary.
[ resonancecollective.org ]

ImagePhoto by: Fred Hatt

In 1969, my grandmother gathered the family, pressed record on her reel to reel, and exclaimed in wonder as the Apollo 11 mission landed on the moon. In 2013, I gathered my dance family, pressed record on her recording, and began to create the dance "The Eagle has Landed." It is many layers of time exploration in a dance of kinship and discovery. While we are here, present, we listen to all the memories and together map new terrains out of the lore of old frontiers.
[ kristinhatleberg.com/ ]

May 15-16 : Thomas/Ortiz Dance | Indah Walsh Dance Company

ImagePhoto by: Lois Greenfield

Thomas/Ortiz Dance presents two new dances inspired by several aspects of social interactions. The first, set to the music of Kronus Quartet, deals with the vices of human beings and how we deal, coexist, defeat, or surrender to the demons that plague us all. The second is set in the '60s, depicting the similarities and differences of first dates in different cultures.
[ thomasortizdance.org]

ImagePhoto by: Alex Fabozzi

Indah Walsh Dance Company creates vivid, image-driven, and emotionally compelling dance, directed and choreographed by Indah M. Walsh. The company practices a collaborative process where the choreographer, dancers, and other artists generate movement and ideas. Working collaboratively results in each work having an honest and unique movement vocabulary. This new piece explores Indah's background as a global nomad and her thought-provoking trip to Saudi Arabia. By working with women and exploring each artist's spirituality, we aim to create something that is, in itself, a spiritual practice.
[ indahwalshdancecompany.com ]

June 5-6 : Danaka Dance | Dances by Catherine Tharin

Image Photo by: Roy Rochlin for Danaka Dance

Katz's work will thoroughly investigate the visceral sensation of time and the importance of the tangible memories we carry with us wherever we go. Exploring where memories go and where are they stored in our minds, this work aims to give the observer an opportunity to sense something that has always been there and is there to stay.
[ danakadance.com ]

ImagePhoto by: Joyce Fabrik

Catherine Tharin choreographs intimate, jewel-like dances that are compelling, wistful, and filled with possibility, hope, and poetic power. Carried by movement that is lush, snappy, and vigorous, the work exists in a compact, personal world. The choreography confides in the audience by slowly disclosing an elegant, nuanced movement narrative that traces an emotional and rhythmic arc.