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Germination Community Class

Fridays Beginning June 1, 2018

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Classes at Green Space

MODERN DANCE taught by Valerie Green

Class video HERE.

Tuesdays 6:30pm-8pm

Open Level Drop-In Rate: $20

Wednesdays 10am-11:30am

Inter/Advanced Drop-In Rate: $15


For questions or more information:

Call: 718-956-3037 | Email: Info@GreenSpaceStudio.org


Class begins with a series of floor exercises designed to awaken the feet, spine, center and pelvis. Next, standing center work focuses on technical exercises supported by proper alignment. The class culminates in rhythmical, full-bodied across the floor movement combinations that incorporate the use of turns, jumps, working in and out of the floor, detailed gestures, and diverse dynamics.


Students will increase strength and acquire knowledge in training the body to execute healthy, organized, and clear movement. Students will gain the ability to move quickly with efficient ease, as well as move slowly with a strong intent. In addition we work on developing expressive movement with a dramatic purpose, connecting an inner emotional state through physicality.

Approach: This class is influenced by the Erick Hawkins modern dance technique. The principles emphasized in this class are universally beneficial to dance training and include using the power of the center to initiate, control, and radiate movement, plus pelvis initiation, and the use of under and over curves. Informing this class is Green's certified background in BodyMind Fitness. Exercises are guided with the safe use of body mechanics and neuromuscular imagery, highlighting movement that follows the logic of the body's innate spirals and bone rhythms.


This class features movement created by Valerie Green, supported by the fundamentals of the Erick Hawkins technique, and guided by principles of BodyMind Fitness.



Dance with intelligence, clarity, and safety