MARCH 15 & 16, 8pm
Curated by Chris Ferris

DeLucia Benson Dance

Six Degrees Dance


DeLucia Benson Dance


This new work is an exploration of movement, music, sound, and materials. It contrasts the ordinary and the extraordinary and offers unexpected visual displays of artistry.  The bodies explore space with bold, accelerating, and expansive movement. Dancers support each other with perfectly timed catches and carries. Full of athleticism and grace, this work is exciting, complicated, thought-provoking, authentic, and uniquely moving. *Photo by Ben Trivett

DeLucia Benson Dance Website

Six Degrees Dance


We live in a country of unparalleled abundance, yet also one of increasing apathy and greed. Mass shootings have become commonplace, healthcare is unaffordable to many people, and resources for our public schools are dwindling. If these basic fundamental human rights are being ignored, what does that say about our society and where we are as a civilization? What is so captivatingly distracting that keeps us from reversing this backslide and what do we really value? This piece explores these topics, giving audiences a space to think about these issues through their own lenses, and be inspired to take up an action that ignites other actions, and one day revolutionizes our world. *Photo by Allison Armfield

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