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Located in one of New York City’s fastest growing neighborhoods, Green Space is a cultural front-runner in Long Island City, Queens and among the greater NYC dance community. The spacious 1800 square-foot studio and performance venue is an incubator: a place for dancers, choreographers, teachers, and community members alike to gather and experience dance where it’s created. At Green Space, hundreds of renters each year book the studio to rehearse and hone their craft; emerging and established choreographers present new work in monthly Fertile Ground and Take Root programs; teachers offer classes in styles ranging from the experimental and modern to the culturally traditional; and resident company Valerie Green/Dance Entropy creates its critically acclaimed repertoire and offers weekly outreach programs to underserved communities.

Valerie Green founded Green Space in 2005 as an alternative to Manhattan’s high rates and crowded schedules. As a 24/7 resource, Green Space aims to provide an affordable, welcoming environment for rehearsals, classes, and performance opportunities. We embrace the diversity of Long Island City as an asset, encouraging exchange on an artistic, educational, and interactive level. Come dance with us!

Green Space is singular in providing a quality studio to create dance, while offering various simultaneous performance opportunities to share the work with peers and public.
— Hoong Yee Lee Krakauer, Executive Director, Queens Council on the Arts