DECEMBER 13 & 14 8pm

Elisabetta Minutoli

Beau Dobson & Dancers


Photo credit: Shannel Resto

Photo credit: Dixon Place, Hanna de Vries

Elisabetta Minutoli

 Elisabetta Minutoli’s work was inspired by a study done by Italian researcher Annacarla Valeriano about the two decades of Mussolini's fascist regime in Italy. From 1922 to 1943, thousands of people were imprisoned in asylums, simply for not conforming to the morals held by the regime. Annacarla Valeriano spent years studying first accounts of the inhumane imprisonment of the thousands - especially women - who were considered mentally ill for being too liberal and "morally abnormal" to function in society.


Beau Dobson & Dancers


While using combinations of forceful movement, reactionary improv, repetition and motifs of territorial animalistic natures, Beau Dobson & Dancers’ new work will investigate the neurological defense mechanisms we create in response to trauma and the healing process. We will dive deep, allowing ourselves to be vulnerable in discovering what triggers exist within our developing psyches and then begin to learn through movement what is "healing”.

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