FEBRUARY 8 & 9, 8pm
Curated by Gierre Godley


Kristen Carcone




A small, NYC-based performance company, caitlin+dancers is dedicated to the research and creation of work reflecting human subtlety, using movement as a conduit for imaginative grandeur. Two vastly different works will be presented in tandem: Variations on a Ghost, a traditional format concert work which draws from the Edwardian era ghost signature fad and plays on duality and the residue of entity, and For You, a theatrical trio for one performer, a flower, and two guests. The latter presents a performative crossing of traditional theatrical elements and immersive theater skill sets, creating a light-hearted work that redefines the relationship between viewer and performer. *Photos by Caitlin Dutton-Reaver, Joshua Dutton-Reaver, Stephen Delas Heras

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Kristen Carcone


Set at a dinner party in the 1950s Dinner is Served explores the world of 10 different characters: the husband, the host, the angry one, the drunk, the mute, the lady in red, the other man, the mysterious one, the party girl, and the hustler. The piece blurs the line between reality and absurdity, inner dialogue vs outer dialogue, truth vs. perception, showcasing the impact that societal programming can have on behavior and relationships. *Photo by Andrew Mauney

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