JANUARY 24 & 25 8pm

Drastic Action

Nicole Y. McClam


Photo credit: Steven Schreiber, Leonard Correa

Photo credit: Timothy A. Nohe, Zachary Z. Handler

Drastic Action


Drastic Action will perform four short works that explore hidden aspects of personal experience. Geismar uses innovative movement languages to explore issues ranging from control  to anxiety to authentic connection. Randy Burd, Jenni Hong, Mengying Lin and Geismar boldly inhabit a theatrical landscape that is at times harrowing and at other times absurd.




Nicole Y. McClam


It's All Good Hair makes space for a conversation between a black woman and her hair. The piece examines American history, pop culture, and personal narratives to explore how black women are socialized to value Eurocentric beauty standards. It confronts internalized racism and questions what wisdom the straightening processes erase. The discovery and (re)definition of  "good hair" mirrors a black woman's self-discovery.


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