JANUARY 25 & 26, 8pm

Brianna Taylor/Confluence Performance Project

Marion Spencer


Brianna Taylor/Confluence Performance Project


Lineage Ritual/Liminal Home is about family, and the strands that, for better or worse, connect us to our past. Performers use movement, sound, food and saran wrap to examine ways heritage can simultaneously support and confine us, shape our world-view and offer a framework from which to resist, reflect, or recalculate our lives. Drawing on personal histories and family recipes, the performers laugh, scream, sing, and cry as they dig through memories to expose what should remain neatly preserved and what needs shredding. They ask themselves and the audience how memories can situate us in our daily lives, and how to navigate when personal histories clash inside of socially constructed families. Lineage Ritual/Liminal Home invites audiences to join this journey and help shape the environment for the performers to move within, heightening one's relationship to spontaneity, responsibility, surrender, and change. *Photos by Caroline Althof and Wayne Reich

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Marion Spencer


WOLF explores the beauty and imminent future of nature today, happiness, the memory of trauma, whiteness, cleaning, and transformations. This solo invites falling under spells, the wildness of nature as well as its undeniable uncontrollable impending loss, red wine, red blood, the new moon, and how we manage to endure into its research. We consider the positive effects on our brain and body when we are in nature, and yet the natural world is undeniably, uncontrollably dying, and we consider that as well.  This project explores both beautiful magic and tragically real happenings in our world, immersion and abstraction, and includes original text and sound both live and recorded. *Photo by Whitney Browne Photography

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