JUNE 14 & 15, 8pm
Curated by Aviva Geismar

Angharad Davies

Amber Sloan


Angharad Davies


In “The Shadow Itself Is A Place” Choreographer Angharad Davies and poet Alison Moncrief Bromage are inspired by the mirror and its relationship with light. The piece is set deep in a valley which receives sunlight only half the year. Recently, a mirror has been hung on its mountainside. The hung mirror reflects, refracts, and distorts the light and everything below it—whether a small tucked-away village and the lives therein, or the internal landscape of individual muscle memory. Through movement, text and soundscore, Angharad and Alison consider what it means to live in a shadow. What transformations take place when lines of light refract upon us or even in us? How do words and the body fail us and simultaneously move us closer to the elusive and to the alive?

With thanks for the funding and space made available by The Connecticut Department of Economic and Community Development and Yale University.

Angharad Davies Website

Amber Sloan


Amber Sloan premieres On the Edge of Normal, a work exploring individual assertion versus group conformity. She questions how to find the balance between getting your needs met and making sacrifices for the sake of others. When do you stand your ground and when do you submit for the harmony of the group?  On the Edge of  Normal  is performed by Esme Boyce, Dylan Crossman, Jordan Morley, and Amber Sloan, with sound design by Sam Crawford and costumes by Pei-Chi Su. This work is made possible, in part, with support from the Jerome Robbins Foundation. *Photo by Hope Davis

Amber Sloan Website


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