NOVEMBER 15 & 16 8pm

Kelley Donovan and Dancers

Maya Orchin


Photo Credit: Christian Owusu

Photo credit: Melissa Wu

Kelley Donovan & Dancers


Shifting Sea explores sudden dramatic shifts such as loss or illness that create vulnerability in our lives. It is a dance about how quickly life can take an unexpected turn that changes our whole lives.



Maya Orchin


Maya Orchin’s work is an exploration into the depths of fear, how it manipulates our perceptions and twists the fabric of our consciousness. This piece beckons the viewer into a dissected existence, torn between the physicality of real-life traumas and the existential unfolding that follows.  How can the fears morph once embodied?  The work navigates a hyper vibrational space creating a new landscape that’s filled with a vigorous and electric scene.  Putting ones own experiences on stage together with a sense of futuristic dimension, this work melds their biographies to birth something unexpected. Their own stories become entangled with the others culminating with what was once initially a solo expedition it transforms into a chaotic and exciting adventure.

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