NOVEMBER 16 & 17

David Appel

Catey Ott Dance Collective


David Appel


The existence and activity of three people in a space brings unique and particular qualities to how that area can be filled, charged, re-configured, and perceived. To see what else can be brought to the conversation, we will be creating a new augmented trio. Aside from the three dancers serving as “primary” performers, another three individuals will act as “secondary” ones, a kind of movement/vocal chorus in juxtaposition to and in support of the first group. And there will be a “floater,” someone to cause mischief, when necessary. *Photo by Stephanie Crousillat

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Catey Ott Dance Collective


Effervescent embodies the spirit of positive energy within an external world of chaos. The dance pieces are inspired by works of art in the permanent collection at the Haggerty Museum of Art at Marquette University with a set design by Milwaukee-based artist Meghan McKale. The underlying themes also are inspired by Zen Buddhism and the writings of author Brene' Brown on vulnerability and love. It includes a solo, a trio, and a 15 minute quintet to music by Louis Vierne and Brooklyn-based composers Bora Yoon and Randall Woolf. The movement is contemporary yet technical and is filled with spirals, quick weight-shifts, and a myriad of emotional drives that tell the story of finding positive forces within a turbulent world. Performed by: Catey Ott Thompson, Danielle Allen, Natasha Posy. *Photo by Maureen Jenson Heintz

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