OCTOBER 18 & 19 8pm

Maria Naidu

Petra van Noort

Photo credit: Imre Zsibrik, Markus Kinnunen

Maria Naidu


An ever flowing, fierce and furious choreography that works like a well-oiled machine. An ongoing stream of movement that could continue forever, with small outbursts of standout tableaux-like movement scenes, that appear and disappear in a cinematic way.




Photo credit: Anna M. Maynard

Petra van Noort


Something un-you-sual? An integral, foundational part reveals itself, by fragments in time, in a journey from wounding towards wholeness. "Not Meant To Be" Solo (Twinless?)" engages, is surprised to discover, gradually integrates. Intimate and sensuous combined video and live performance segments traverse spaces and times with embodied engagement as the quintessential survival tool. A new you now much more you than you ever knew before... 



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