OCTOBER 18 & 19 8pm

Maria Naidu

Petra van Noort

Photo credit: Anna Diehl, Markus Kinnunen

Maria Naidu

Maria Naidu will be present the solo work “A toast, to absent friends”, choreographed by Ms. Naidu, with a music collage by Tom, Dick & Harry featuring A song for you written and performed by Leon Russell; costume design by Tom, Dick & Harry; and light and set design by Imre Zsibrik. Premiered in 2009 at Inkonst in Malmö, Sweden.

 "to absent friends

to those we have met

to those we have yet to meet

to those who have left us for a while

and to those who have left us forever

let us lift our glasses 

and drink a toast 

that they may abide in our hearts 


to absent friends"

For my friend Søren…

The evening will also present the first phase of “HOME”, an international collaboration between Dance Entropy and choreographers from diverse countries. Ms. Naidu, from Sweden, will approach the idea of home on five Dance Entropy company members from her perspective on what home means to her. The most basic meanings of home is a place that can’t be seen with a stranger’s eye for more than a moment. Home is home, and everything else is not. It's is so familiar that you don’t even notice it. It’s everywhere else that takes noticing. Home is more than just a place. It’s also an idea. A way of organizing space in our minds. Home is energy. Energy is movement. Movement is dance. Dance is home.




Photo credit: Anna M. Maynard

Petra van Noort

Petra van Noort's "Not Meant To Be" Solo (Twinless?)" is a journey that plows through because there is no other way, then discovers and realizes integration across a series of intimately close video and sensuously moved live performance segments. Sometimes understanding is not a linear process and un-you-sual moments reveal a new you now much more you than you ever knew yourself before...A sort-of-solo by and with Petra van Noort and music by Garth Stevenson, Thom Hanreich, Nicholas Britell, Wibi Soerjadi, Lisa Gerrard. This production has been supported by efforts of many including Maria Naidu, Peter Sciscioli, generous support from the International Dance Program of The Swedish Arts Grants Committee, generous help from the Digital Media Initiative at Gibney, and Take Root at Green Space.



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