SEPTEMBER 20 & 21 8pm


ARIM Dance


Photo credit: Aya Watada, Mike Nogami

Photo by Allison Armfield

Photo credit: ARIM Dance



It looks like you're making an old-fashioned glass.

One clear conclusion of those who grew up with the recovery from losing something important to themselves at their early age is how they face such things as their memories, society and love. ENTERART offers a unique balance of art and entertainment. The work features the original music of Japanese instrumental hard rock band D_Drive.

ARIM Dance

ARIM Dance ballets are comprised of pure emotion and an underlining story. The music itself is what inspires the whole idea starting out as a vision until it is materialized for the eyes to see. ARIM Dance will present several short works centered on the themes of possession, anguish and acceptance, and the unification of opposite parallel lives through time and space.

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